Life is an Adventure

an unexpected Journey

Freshman year of college, two students sat together during an honors banquet for incoming students. These two students would go on to finding their own friend groups and not talk again until senior year. But something brought them back together right before a global crisis broke out.   


a blind date

At the end of her sophomore year, Emma transferred from Ave to another school. Fall 2019, she came back to visit a close friend. This friend, Luke’s sister-in-law, floated the idea that the two of them would be good together. Life continued on and at the end the semester, Emma, unhappy with her new school, transferred back to Ave.

Only two weeks back, Luke’s sister-in-law set them up on a half-blind date. Luke had no idea who he was going out with. Originally, he thought it would end up as a prank. But to his surprise and joy, it wasn’t. After a long night of bowling and Chili’s, they decided to go out again.  

the summer of a life time

By February 14th, they were exclusively dating. A month later, a global “pandemic” broke out and turned the world upside down. But for the two of them, everything seemed just right. For the rest of Luke’s last semester, they spent it together at Ave by studying, praying, laughing, singing, and star gazing.

Come summer, they both decided to do a road trip from Seattle to Maryland. This trip gave them an enormous amount of time to talk and enjoy each others’ company. After hiking 40 miles through out Washington, Idaho, and Montana, they finished the 5000 mile drive and arrived at the summer camp that they had both decided to work.

the joys of life

As Fall approached and Emma’s senior year, Luke accepted a job in Naples and moved back to Ave to be close to the woman he had fallen in love with. They spent her Fall semester having new adventures and growing closer and closer to each other. 

That’s when, Luke decided he wanted to live the rest of his life with her by his side.

The engagement

On the vigil of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a day very important to Luke and his Love. Luke proposed and asked Emma to marry him.

Not until the Monday before he proposed, did he realize that December 12th was one year, to the day, from when he had entrusted his future spouse to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was just one month later, when Luke and Emma had their blind date. Luke credits Our Lady for bringing Emma into his life.   

the forever after

Now, they are preparing for the joys, sorrows, and the unknown of a life time that will be spent TOGETHER!